Silently Within Your Shadow Pulling Strings on Amazon Prime Next Week

Following an international run at close to 50 festivals and a 10-venue tour of London, Scott Lyus’ haunting psychological horror short Silently Within Your Shadow will be hitting Amazon Prime next week on May 26th. Penned by Lyus and starring Sophie Tergeist,… Continue Reading

Eye Candy for SXSW Midnighter Game of Death Bodes Buckets of Blood

SXSW is upon us and one particular Midnighter flick that’s resolutely dead set on causing a bloody stir amongst festivalgoers this March is Sebastien Landry and Laurence Morais-Lagace’s Grand Guignol Game of Death. Whilst touted as Jumanji meets Natural Born Killers, the first trailer… Continue Reading

NSFW – First Trailer for Eduardo Casanova’s Pieles Is Pretty Peculiar in Pink

Just days after the news dropped that actor/director Eduardo Casanova‘s directorial debut, Pieles, would be screening at this year’s Berlin International Festival, the first trailer has dropped; and it’s just as beautifully bizarre and twisted as was to be expected.… Continue Reading

Exclusive: Richard Kelly Reminisces as Arrow Films Releases Donnie Darko 4K Restoration

Despite all manner of early distribution problems, fifteen years before “Stranger Things” stunned the world with its own shrewd blend of sci-fi, Spielberg-ian touches, and ’80s nostalgia, writer/director Richard Kelly’s debut feature, Donnie Darko, set the template and emerged as arguably… Continue Reading

Interview: Let Barbara Crampton Take You Beyond the Gates and Beyond

Gaming tech is advancing at such a rate that it’s a pretty safe assumption that today’s generation will be oblivious to the real lifeblood behind Jackson Stewart’s directorial debut Beyond the Gates (review). Co-writer Stephen Scarlata’s original pitch was clearly inspired by one… Continue Reading

Michael Biehn and Jennifer Blanc-Biehn Talk Hidden in the Woods and More

We’ve been talking a good long while about the remake of Patricio Valladares’ Hidden in the Woods (Review) and finally the release date is upon us (December 2). Featuring a lavish ensemble cast, headed up by Michael Biehn, Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, William Forsythe,… Continue Reading

The 35th Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival Jury Hath Spoken

This past week saw the Molins de Rei Horror Film Fest celebrate its 35th anniversary. Having never actually had the chance to visit the festival previously, I was very pleasantly surprised when I received an invitation to form a part… Continue Reading

Terror Talent Share Their Go-to Halloween Film Fixes

It’s our favorite season of the year once again, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be scavenging high and low in search of something suitably scary to watch this Halloween. In the hopes of making life a little easier for… Continue Reading

Sitges 2016 Interview: Jeremy Gillespie, Steven Kostanski, Kathleen Munroe and Casey Walker Talk The Void

Cult indie directors Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski’s IndieGoGo campaign for their latest endeavour, The Void (Review), cajoled the internet last year when the Astron-6 collective duo set their sights much higher than all previous outings put together, promising a foreboding fusion of atmospheric dread… Continue Reading