Award-winning Short Die! Sitter! Die! : Rupert Has Arrived Online!

Of the many quality films we caught at Screamfest 2015, one of the more uniquely disturbing and rather cringe-inducing was Lee and Sam Boxleitner’s psychological horror comedy Die! Sitter! Die! : Rupert; and now, at long last, you can watch… Continue Reading

Exclusive: Filmmaker Michael Kallio Talks Proof of Concept Ash vs. Evil Dead Short Film

Within the last 48 hours you’ve probably seen it making the rounds on social media: the nearly pitch perfect, seven-minute “Ash vs. Evil Dead” short film “Auntie Linda’s Bake Off,” written and directed by LA filmmaker Michael Kallio as a… Continue Reading

Exclusive: Director and FX Artist Gary J. Tunnicliffe Weighs in on The Pinhead Experience

Dog Bradley as Pinhead

It’s been twelve years since Pinhead-originating actor Doug Bradley has worn the costume and makeup he made so cinematically famous (initially in Clive Barker’s groundbreaking 1987 film Hellraiser and later in no less than six sequels). That is set to change,… Continue Reading

Exclusive: Delusion Writer and Director Jon Braver Talks Partnership with Skybound Entertainment for Virtual Reality Horror Series

Delusion: Lies Within

With Variety’s announcement that Dave Alpert’s and Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Entertainment has teamed up with writer and director Jon Braver’s Los Angeles-based interactive horror theater company Delusion to produce a virtual reality (VR) horror series based on the same, we… Continue Reading