Top 6 of the Scariest Animals in Horror Movies

The nature and unpredictability of man is scary enough in its own right, especially when it comes to horror movies. Adding some psychotic animal to the mix that doesn’t have the capacity to reason, bargain, or feel any mercy for its potential victims is quite terrifying when you look at the realistic scenario as animal attacks are obviously a very real thing.

Could you imagine actually coming face to slimy face with a snake such as the one from Anaconda?


Yeah, you can fuck right off with that scenario.


Movies that focus on killer animals in the horror genre are split down the middle between super cheesy or really horrifying. There doesn’t really seem to be an in-between in so-called “creature features” as you’re either watching a shark movie on a ridiculous level such as Sharknado or a flick such as JAWS that actually made you afraid of the ocean. So, let’s talk about six of the scariest animals in horror films that actually scared the crap out of us.

6. Church the Cat
Pet Sematary


Lucifer, erm… excuse me, Church the cat wasn’t always a demonic fuzzball from Hell. The pet owned by Ellie Creed in King’s Pet Sematary┬áwas ultimately killed by that damn road and one of the deadly trucks that plows through every so often. Her father, Louis, and neighbor Judd, who don’t want the little girl to face any grief, bury the feline up in Pet Sematary, a place where the dead seemingly come back once more; however, they aren’t the same as they once were as the burial grounds had rotted.

Church comes back from the dead a nasty little shit indeed. The once docile British Shorthair stunk of death, which forced the family to throw him out quite often. However, the feline would always find a way back in. He became quite aggressive towards Louis in particular and loved to leave little “presents” for him around the house. Sometimes, cats do this to show affection, but we all know there’s nothing quite normal about Mr. Churchill over here.

Unfortunately, there aren’t a ton of video clips of the little bugger out there, so here’s The Ramones’ video featuring the devil cat, Zelda, and King himself. I think we can deal with that.

5. Cujo


Another one of King’s insane creations from the animal kingdom makes number five. Old Yellar gone batshit crazy, Cujo. Much like Church, Cujo was initially a mild-mannered St. Bernard. That is, until a wild rabbit chase sealed the poor pup’s fate with a rabid bunny biting the canine, infecting him with the maddening disease. Cujo eventually found his way home and violently kills a few of his neighbors. Awesome, now we have a gargantuan rabid dog that has a taste for blood and the owners are nowhere around. Gorgeous.

Donna and her son, Tad, who live next to the canine’s owners, are caught off guard by Cujo who stumbled upon them in the most inconvenient time of her vehicle taking a mighty dump on her – damn good for nothing Pintos. Cujo corners Donna and her young son while they barricade themselves in her broken car, all the while the dog is going nuts trying to break in. Cujo is absolutely terrifying in the aspect of news reports we hear every so often of man’s best friend turning on their owners or severely injuring neighbors. Of course, circumstances vary and it’s usually a humanoid who provokes said attacks. However, if you ever come across a rabid animal such as this, I pray you don’t own a Ford Pinto and Dee Wallace is hanging around nearby. Otherwise, you’re probably screwed.

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