Titan Comics Bringing Back 2000 AD’s Most Controversial Shark

On Valentine’s Day, 1976, iconic comics publisher 2000 AD unleashed their very first issue of their controversial Action series. The series was inspired by popular films relevant to the time period, so for issue #1 they decided to try and give Bruce the Shark from Jaws (1975) a run for his money with their own toothy antagonist – Hookjaw.

“Hookjaw” was the most popular strip in the anthology, and the great white shark’s bloody exploits helped initiate a media uproar. The comic was even brought up in the House of Commons, which subsequently led to calls for banning and as such, it was pulled from shelves across the country.

Action predated the 1980’s moral panic that came with the boom of Video Nasties, proving that Hookjaw was a shark with too much bite for some people. Fast forward to 40 years later, and old Action issues are selling for more than your mom on eBay.

And he’s about to return…

Titan Comics are set to publish a brand new five issue mini-series this December, dedicated entirely to the ferocious shark.

The new arc will be written by the Si Spurrier (Cry Havoc, Weavers, Doctor WhoNumbercruncher) and illustrated by newcomer Conor Boyle.

The new series also features a groovy range of variant covers to collect from super rad artists including; Conor Boyle, John McCrea (The Mummy), Marc Laming (Uncanny Avengers), Anna Dittmann, and Steve White.




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