10 Horror Stars Who Did Voicework in Horror Video Games

For many horror fans, watching something in the genre isn’t enough. We want to be a part of the genre, to find a way to interact with it on our own terms. After all, how many times can we scream at characters making stupid mistakes before we decide that we could do better?

If you’ve felt that way, then you know just how therapeutic and exciting playing a horror game can be. While us gamers are still beholden to the narrative, we get to make many decisions on how to deal with a given situation. That gives us the power in terms of where to look, how to move, what methods we’d use to dispatch our foes, and more. We are in control and it feels great after feeling helpless during so many films and shows!

While playing some of these horror video games, you may find yourself thinking, “I swear I’ve heard that voice before but I just can’t seem to place it!” Well, fear not, fellow horror gamer! I’m here to give you ten examples of people who starred in a horror property (movie or show) that ALSO voiced a popular character in a video game. Check out the list below and let me know some more that you can think of in the comments!

Peter Mensah – Dead Space & Jason X

If you played EA’s magn-ficent sci-fi/horror game Dead Space and found yourself wondering where you recognized Sgt. Zach Hammond’s voice, it’s because you might’ve seen him as Sgt. Brodski in Jason X! On top of that, he appeared in Bruiser, 300, and “True Blood”.

Pollyanna McIntosh – Dante’s Inferno & The Woman

Starring as the titular character in The Woman and appearing in the “Ding Dong” segment of Tales of Halloween, Pollyanna McIntosh was also the voice of Dante’s mother Bella, who committed suicide rather than stay with her abusive and cruel husband.

Roger Jackson – Alice: Madness Returns & The Scream Series

Knowing that Roger Jackson does the voice of the Cheshire Cat in Alice: Madness Returns gives his Ghostface Scream line, “I wanna play a game” a delightfully meta feeling. But how cool is it that one of horror’s most iconic voices is also one of the most beloved characters from the surreal horror video game world?

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