That Time When Child’s Play’s Chucky Ventured Into Weird Al’s Fat Suit

Sometimes the most seemingly opposite worlds have the most curious of connections. It’s not something one thinks of off the top of one’s head but, when it becomes apparent, suddenly it all makes sense. Case in point: Kevin Yagher is a special FX makeup and designer in Hollywood who, for over 30 years, has been creating some iconic and incredible pieces, such as the Crypt Keeper used in “Tales From the Crypt”. The other day, Yagher posted a photo that is so absurd yet so humorous, we couldn’t help but share it with you all!

I’ll let Yahger explain: “While working on Child’s Play 1, I was also creating the fat makeup and fat suit for Weird Al Yankovic’s FAT video, the hilarious parody of Michael Jackson’s Bad video – I plopped the 1st stage animatronic Chucky head and hands onto the Yankovic suit and snapped this photo – made me laugh!

Check it out below and make sure to follow Yagher’s Facebook for more pictures like this!

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Jonathan Barkan

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