DC’s Shudder Pick of the Weekend – The Hills Have Eyes Part 2

Looking for some fun in the sun? Then you NEED to experience (or revisit) the wackiness that is Wes Craven’s The Hills Have Eyes Part II. It’s worth it for the dog flashback alone!

Michael Berryman, Robert Houston, David Nichols, and Virginia Vincent star.

A group of bikers are menaced by the same evil cannibal family in the desert who stalked the suburban family in the first film. But these bikers aren’t all total strangers to the Jupiter clan. Ruby, who now goes by Rachel, has been civilized since escaping her freakish family and is hoping to face her fears by revisiting familiar territory. Sure enough, after taking a detour, Rachel’s friends start getting picked off one by one by one. Though the troubled production led Wes Craven to disown the film, 80s slasher fans will find plenty of thrills here.

The Hills Have Eyes Part 2

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