You’re Not High! You’re Actually Looking at a Trailer and Stills for a Movie About a Monstrous Platypossum

I had hernia surgery on Monday so as I write this, I am hopped up on painkillers. When the trailer for a new mutant nature gone amok movie entitled Platypossum appeared in my inbox today, I just naturally assumed it was a hallucination brought on by the opioids in my system.

Turns out the damn thing is a real movie! Which begs the question… what drugs were in the filmmakers’ systems when they made it?

Someone will have to forward that question to Roger Trexler, the man who wrote and directed Platypossum, a comical creature feature about a frackin’ half-platypus/half-possum nightmare creation terrorizing a national forest. Karen Fiorino, Jon Rector, Brent Ritzel, Alexsia Renee Patton, Brian Redmon, and Chad C. Watson star in this shoestring budget nature gone amok in ways you would never dream possible extravaganza.

A throwback to the science fiction films of the 1950’s where mankind’s greed and stupidity create a monster, Platypossum substitutes the nuclear radiation for hydraulic fracturing.  A greedy corporation is testing a new hydraulic fracturing compound in the Shawnee National Forest.  A platypus escapes from captivity, has sex with a possum in a puddle of fracking fluid…..and the Platypossum is the result.

Generally speaking, when thinking of ferocious wildlife that unleash your primal fears, neither the platypus nor the possum generally springs to mind, let alone the looming threat that one day a freak of nature might meld the two together into some unholy abomination.

To be honest, it kind of looks more like a cross between an alligator and a possum. Shouldn’t this thing have a duck bill?

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