South Pasadena Getting Halloween (The Movie, Not The Holiday) Themed Art Gallery: Here’s Chet Zar’s Contribution

On September 16th, the Sugarmynt Gallery in South Pasadena, CA will be hosting Welcome to Haddonfield, an exhibit that honors and pays respect to John Carpenter’s 1978 classic slasher Halloween. The event will run through October 31st.

Now, if you’re into progressive rock/metal or just into rock/metal in general, you’ve no doubt spent some time listening to Tool. And if you bought their albums, then you’ve seen the artwork of a certain Mr. Chet Zar, whose work was featured prominently for AEnima. The reason I bring all of this up is because Chet Zar has a piece that will appear in the Welcome to Haddonfield exhibit and you can see it below.

Zar’s piece is a portrait of Michael Myers that is quite intricately detailed. The mask has lumps, bumps, and imperfections. Myers’ hair is illuminated from behind by a Halloween red/orange, suggestive of flames and carnage. And while Myers’ eyes are often depicted as black holes, devoid of emotion, Zar elected to add small dots of that same red/orange, echoing Dr. Loomis’ suggestion that his eyes were, “…the devil’s eyes“. Also, the frame is a piece of art in and of itself.

The Sugarmynt Gallery website doesn’t have much information but if you’re an artist and want to submit your piece for this exhibit, you can do so here.

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