Born of Sin (Short, 2017)

Starring Bella Anderson, Paula Lindberg, James Henderson

Directed by William Boodell

Boy, I’ll tell ya – parental supervision certainly isn’t what it used to be. Can’t even leave your kid in a locked car while you grab a few cold ones at the local dive bar before she gets snatched up by a Satanic cult…and before you all flip out and call me a horrible person, just remember, I don’t have any children, so there.

The short film in today’s focus is Born Of Sin, from director William Boodell, and the premise is exactly what you’ve read in the first paragraph – come on, don’t be lazy – read it again if the mood strikes you. Small girl in her drunk daddy’s car, and he feels the need for some further liquid refreshment, so he leaves the little one in the car, and hours later she’s abducted and taken to a location that’s housing some seriously dark individuals who would love nothing more than to deliver the “goodnight treatment” to the little lass. Pretty demented stuff, and spoiler aside, the 9 minute short is fairly entertaining at best, if not one of those conclusions that will have you scratching your brain-cap in bewilderment.

Boodell taps into the dark side, and focuses on one-half of dysfunction in a small family, and the repercussions of said behavior – it’s sad to see, but it does exist, and it adds a touch of the human element (regardless of its depressing nature), and helps move the presentation along. Worth a watch if you’re looking for the B-side of the good parenting manual.

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