2-Headed Shark Attack Trailer Rears Both of its Ugly Heads

Source Name: IMDB Source Url: http://www.imdb.com/video/screenplay/vi2155585049/ Post Thumb: /oct11/2hss.jpg Gallery Image: ‘/gallery/2hsa/2hsa1x’, ‘/gallery/2hsa/2hsa2x’, ‘/gallery/2hsa/2hsa3x’, ‘/gallery/2hsa/2hsa4x’, ‘/gallery/2hsa/2hsa5x’, ‘/gallery/2hsa/2hsa6x’, ‘/gallery/2hsa/2hsa7x’, ‘/gallery/2hsa/2hsa8x’, ‘/gallery/2hsa/2hsa9x’, ‘/gallery/2hsa/2hsa10x’ From the studio that brought you the Mega Shark movies, Mega Piranha, and 2012: Moby Dick comes The Asylum’s… Continue Reading

Sink Your Jaws into these Images from 2 Headed Shark Attack

Source Name: Flickr Source Url: http://www.flickr.com/photos/14902815@N05/sets/72157627502120967/ Post Thumb: /oct11/2hss.jpg Gallery Image: ‘/gallery/2hsa/2hsa1x’, ‘/gallery/2hsa/2hsa2x’, ‘/gallery/2hsa/2hsa3x’, ‘/gallery/2hsa/2hsa4x’, ‘/gallery/2hsa/2hsa5x’, ‘/gallery/2hsa/2hsa6x’, ‘/gallery/2hsa/2hsa7x’, ‘/gallery/2hsa/2hsa8x’, ‘/gallery/2hsa/2hsa9x’, ‘/gallery/2hsa/2hsa10x’ As I still recover from the profound disappointment that was Creature, at least I can count on The Asylum… Continue Reading

2 Headed Shark Attack Claims Carmen Electra and Brooke Hogan as Victims

Post Thumb: /aug11/carmen.jpg Carmen Electra has survived being married to Dennis Rodman. Brooke Hogan has survived being Hulk Hogan’s daughter. Charlie O’Connell has survived being “The Bachelor”. But can they survive The Asylum’s 2 Headed Shark Attack? Just the other… Continue Reading