E3 2017: New Horizon Zero Dawn DLC Challenges You to Fight Even Bigger Robo-saurs in an Even Colder Apocalypse

The Frozen Wilds

Man, I was wondering when I’d get more Horizon Zero Dawn. The game is only a few months old, but is the kind of open world sandbox just begging for more content. I reviewed the game back when it came out,… Continue Reading

Horizon Zero Dawn (Video Game)

Developed by Guerilla Games Published by Sony Interactive Entertainment Available Exclusively on Playstation 4 Rated T for Teen Horizon Zero Dawn is what you would get if you mashed together Far Cry: Primal, Blood Dragon, and Red Dead Redemption. If that sentence… Continue Reading

The Student, the Caretaker and the Animal Short Signals The Apocalypse

RynoRyder/Boyer have released the second short prequel to their upcoming feature length film Apocalypse. Titled The Student, the Caretaker & the Animal, it was directed by Ryan McCoy and stars Micah Parker, Kaja Nelson and Savannah Meaike, and you can… Continue Reading

Short Film Apocalypse: The Hooker Makes the Rapture Come Early; Watch It Now!

Production company RynoRyder/Boyer Productions is currently working on a feature called Apocalypse and, in the meantime, will be releasing shorts based on each of the eight main characters. Have a look at the first, titled The Hooker, right here! From… Continue Reading

Chronicles of the Dead (Web Series)


Cover art: reviews/chrondeads.jpg Starring Anastasia Leddick Directed by Brian Hernandez Written by Younger Robbins and Brian Hernandez Chronicles of the Dead is a brand new web series that just launched its first episode. Entitled “Apocalypse,” this premiere offering from Chronicles… Continue Reading