Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Set Visit: Cast and Crew Talk Kicking Ass!

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

The grey sky hangs dull overhead. Rainwater flows along drains and falls from above as the public huddle in the nearest alcoves. Others stagger oddly in the wet… uncoordinated and careless amongst the crowds. All in all, it’s a pretty… Continue Reading

Curse of Downers Grove, The (2015)

The Curse of Downers Grove

Starring Bella Heathcote, Lucas Till, Kevin Zegers, Penelope Mitchell, Zane Holtz, Helen Slater Directed by Derick Martini The Curse of Downers Grove is a teen angst quasi-horror flick adapted from the Michael Hornburg novel Downers Grove, and it’s written by… Continue Reading

More Cast Members Exposed to The Curse of Downers Grove

Post Thumb: /jan13/downersgroves.jpg Two more have signed up for active duty in the new flick to be directed by Derek Martini that was written by Bret Easton Ellis for Myriad Pictures, Downers Grove. Read on for all the latest details.… Continue Reading

Alice Cooper Sheds Some Light on His Dark Shadows Cameo

Source Name: EW Source Url: Post Thumb: /may11/darkshad.jpg Since learning that Alice Cooper will have a cameo in Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows, we’ve been a bit curious as to how he’ll fit in with the rest of the tale,… Continue Reading

New Dark Shadows Featurette Home to a Strange Family

Source Name: Yahoo! Movies Source Url: Post Thumb: /may11/darkshad.jpg The 17,000th new behind-the-scenes look at Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows is here, and at this point we’re just hoping there’s something left to see when it hits theatres. The ensemble… Continue Reading

Nearly Two Dozen New Stills from Dark Shadows

Post Thumb: /may11/darkshad.jpg Gallery Image: ‘/gallery/darkshadows/darkshadowsc1x’, ‘/gallery/darkshadows/darkshadowsc2x’, ‘/gallery/darkshadows/darkshadowsc3x’, ‘/gallery/darkshadows/darkshadowsc4x’, ‘/gallery/darkshadows/darkshadowsc5x’, ‘/gallery/darkshadows/darkshadowsc6x’, ‘/gallery/darkshadows/darkshadowsc7x’, ‘/gallery/darkshadows/darkshadowsc8x’, ‘/gallery/darkshadows/darkshadowsc9x’, ‘/gallery/darkshadows/darkshadowsc10x’, ‘/gallery/darkshadows/darkshadowsc11x’, ‘/gallery/darkshadows/darkshadowsc12x’, ‘/gallery/darkshadows/darkshadowsc13x’, ‘/gallery/darkshadows/darkshadowsc14x’, ‘/gallery/darkshadows/darkshadowsc15x’, ‘/gallery/darkshadows/darkshadowsc16x’, ‘/gallery/darkshadows/darkshadowsc17x’, ‘/gallery/darkshadows/darkshadowsc18x’, ‘/gallery/darkshadows/darkshadowsc19x’, ‘/gallery/darkshadows/darkshadowsc20x’, ‘/gallery/darkshadows/darkshadowsc21x’, ‘/gallery/darkshadows/darkshadowsc22x’, ‘/gallery/darkshadows/darkshadowsc23x’, ‘/gallery/darkshadows/darkshadowsc24x’, ‘/gallery/darkshadows/darkshadowsc25x’, ‘/gallery/darkshadows/darkshadowsc26x’, ‘/gallery/darkshadows/darkshadowsc27x’, ‘/gallery/darkshadows/darkshadowsc28x’ Looking for a Dark Shadows fix to… Continue Reading