Blood Feast Remake Gets a New Rating and Date for its Theatrical Release

We’ve been talking about Marcel Walz’s remake of Blood Feast for a while now; and finally, after a few delays and a slight tweaking of the film in order to get an “R” rating, it’s ready to embark on its… Continue Reading

Blood Feast Theatrical Release Expanded and Pushed Back to June 23rd

Marcel Walz’s Blood Feast is starting to look like “The Little Remake that Could” as news has come that instead of opening this weekend, the film’s theatrical run is being expanded due to fan demand; and in order to accommodate… Continue Reading

UK’s Mayhem Festival Unleashes Full 2016 Lineup

Mayhem Film Festival

The finest horror festival to grace the UK city of Nottingham, Mayhem Film Festival has announced the full lineup for its 2016 edition — running October 13-16 at the city’s Broadway cinema — and it’s a doozy, including a special… Continue Reading

GODFATHER OF GORE Herschell Gordon Lewis Celebrated in 35mm Retrospective Marathon Screening!

The post-modern “gore” film had its innovators—its “Elvis” and its “Beatles”—and these guys changed the face of horror forever in the 1960s. Nobody—but nobody—was going for the guts the way Romero did in Night of the Living Dead… but before… Continue Reading