#SDCC17: Supernatural Invades Hall H with Kansas in Tow; Brings a Sizzle Reel and More Info on Wayward Sisters Spinoff

Hall H was filled with a lot of “rock star” type celebrities during this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, but “Supernatural” brought some actual rock stars along for their SDCC panel today… The band Kansas surprised those in attendance with a… Continue Reading

Guest Star Briana Buckmaster Returns in Supernatural Episode 11.07 – Plush; Could She Be Part of a Spin-off?

As mentioned when we first provided the synopsis for the upcoming Episode 11.07 of “Supernatural,” entitled “Plush,” the phenomenally popular Briana Buckmaster is returning as Sheriff Donna Hanscum, but that’s not the most interesting part of the story.  If her… Continue Reading

Dial Hibbing 911 for a Sneak Peek of Supernatural Episode 10.08

Supernatural Season 10

Regular TV programming is trickling back on the airwaves this week, including tomorrow night’s Episode 10.08 of “Supernatural,” which is entitled “Hibbing 911” and features the return of Sheriff Mills.  As you’ll soon see, there are some things in the… Continue Reading

Sheriff Mills Returns in these Photos and Preview of Supernatural Episode 10.08 – Hibbing 911

Supernatural Season 10

This season of “Supernatural” has been a bit uneven so far, and without a “big bad” to focus on, there’s no sense of urgency or impending doom, which has been a hallmark of the series. But that doesn’t mean we’re… Continue Reading