Horrible Imaginings Podcast #164: BizarroCon, Horrible People, and the You-Shaped Hole in the Universe

As promised! The Horrible Imaginings Podcast has picked up an esteemed and brilliant new semi-regular co-host! He has been known for his collaborative work in novels and anthologies including The Light at the End, The Scream, Animals, and Book of… Continue Reading

Dread Central Takes You to Monsterpalooza 2011! HUGE Photo Gallery!

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The Monster Channel Broadcasting Live From HorrorHound All Weekend!

Last year the folks at Fourth Castle Micromedia, home of FearWerx and EMCE Toys, celebrated the 100th anniversary of the monster movie with a special weekend-long marathon of horror movies hosted LIVE from the HorrorHound Weekend convention in Indianapolis, Indiana.… Continue Reading