CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Compound Fracture from Dread Central

Post Thumb: /apr14/compound-fracture-s.jpg Should you want to show up at our offices so that we can stomp your bones out through your skin, just name the time, and we’re there. Or you could just simply enter this quick contest and… Continue Reading

Get a Sneak Peek of Grimm Episode 3.07 – Cold Blooded

Post Thumb: /may12/grimmlogo.jpg So far all the clips we’ve seen from tomorrow night’s “Grimm” double feature have focused on the Krampus of Episode 3.08, but finally we have a sneak peek of Episode 3.07, “Cold Blooded,” in which Adalind meets… Continue Reading

Another Clip from Grimm Episode 3.08 – Twelve Days of Krampus

Source Name: ET Online Source Url: Post Thumb: /may12/grimmlogo.jpg Man, NBC is really pulling out all the stops to promote its upcoming Episode 3.08 of “Grimm,” entitled “Twelve Days of Krampus,” as evidenced by this latest clip they’ve released… Continue Reading

Grimm Cast Members Talk Episode 3.08 – Twelve Days of Krampus

Post Thumb: /may12/grimmlogo.jpg We get a double dose of “Grimm” this week with Episodes 3.07 and 3.08 – “Cold Blooded” and “Twelve Days of Krampus” – but as you’d expect, all anyone wants to talk about is Krampus, including the… Continue Reading

See Derek Mears’ Krampus in Action in this Sneak Peek of Grimm Episode 3.08

Post Thumb: /may12/grimmlogo.jpg Excited to see Derek Mears (Friday the 13th, Hatchet III) as Krampus in this Friday night’s “Grimm” double feature? Then check out this sneak peek. Hopefully he won’t cause too many nightmares before the holiday arrives, but… Continue Reading

Preview of and Photos from the Grimm Double Feature Episodes 3.07 and 3.08; See Derek Mears as Krampus!

Post Thumb: /may12/grimmlogo.jpg Santa Claws is coming to Portland in next week’s double dose of “Grimm” – Episodes 3.07 and 3.08, “Cold Blooded” and “Twelve Days of Krampus,” respectively, which feature guest stars Alexis Denisof as the new Royal in… Continue Reading

Food Network’s Halloween Wars Season 3 Starts TONIGHT With Guest Judges Danielle Harris, Tony Todd, Derek Mears, and Charlaine Harris

Source Name: Food Network Source Url: Post Thumb: /oct12/halwarss.jpg “Halloween Wars” returns to the Food Network for a third season tonight, October 6, at 9pm ET/PT, running for four delicious episodes. Read on for what’s in store for this… Continue Reading

Hollywood Undead’s Dead Bite Music Video Features Derek Mears, Breaking Bad’s RJ Mitte, and Porn Stars!

Post Thumb: /dec12/hus.jpg We know you guys run hot & cold regarding music news, but when we heard this new video from Hollywood Undead for “Dead Bite” features horror fan favorite Derek Mears ( Friday the 13th, Hatchet III) along… Continue Reading

Rock and Shock Announces Initial Guests for 10th Anniversary Convention

Post Thumb: /jun11/r&ss.jpg In the Northeast one of the most beloved horror conventions is, without a doubt, Rock and Shock, held each year in Worcester, MA. October marks its 10th anniversary, and if the initial list of celebrity guests is… Continue Reading

7th Annual Rock and Shock Film Festival Calling For Submissions

Post Thumb: /jun11/r&ss.jpg Horror fans in the Northeast all know about the Rock and Shock convention. It’s a beloved weekend event that combines the worlds of horror and metal music in a great party. And the accompanying film festival is… Continue Reading

Exclusive Video Interview: Co-Star Derek Mears and Spectral Motion’s Mike Elizalde Talk F/X and More for Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

Post Thumb: /may13/hansel-and-gretel-witch-hunters-blu-ray-s.jpg Gallery Image: ‘/gallery/hanselgretel/hanselgretelspectral1x’, ‘/gallery/hanselgretel/hanselgretelspectral2x’, ‘/gallery/hanselgretel/hanselgretelspectral3x’, ‘/gallery/hanselgretel/hanselgretelspectral4x’, ‘/gallery/hanselgretel/hanselgretelspectral5x’, ‘/gallery/hanselgretel/hanselgretelspectral6x’, ‘/gallery/hanselgretel/hanselgretelspectral7x’, ‘/gallery/hanselgretel/hanselgretelspectral8x’, ‘/gallery/hanselgretel/hanselgretelspectral9x’, ‘/gallery/hanselgretel/hanselgretelspectral10x’, ‘/gallery/hanselgretel/hanselgretelspectral11x’, ‘/gallery/hanselgretel/hanselgretelspectral12x’, ‘/gallery/hanselgretel/hanselgretelspectral13x’, ‘/gallery/hanselgretel/hanselgretelspectral14x’, ‘/gallery/hanselgretel/hanselgretelspectral15x’, ‘/gallery/hanselgretel/hanselgretelspectral16x’, ‘/gallery/hanselgretel/hanselgretelspectral17x’, ‘/gallery/hanselgretel/hanselgretelspectral18x’, ‘/gallery/hanselgretel/hanselgretelspectral19x’, ‘/gallery/hanselgretel/hanselgretelspectral20x’, ‘/gallery/hanselgretel/hanselgretelspectral21x’, ‘/gallery/hanselgretel/hanselgretelspectral22x’, ‘/gallery/hanselgretel/hanselgretelspectral23x’, ‘/gallery/hanselgretel/hanselgretelspectral24x’, ‘/gallery/hanselgretel/hanselgretelspectral25x’, ‘/gallery/hanselgretel/hanselgretelspectral26x’, ‘/gallery/hanselgretel/hanselgretelspectral27x’, ‘/gallery/hanselgretel/hanselgretelspectral28x’, ‘/gallery/hanselgretel/hanselgretelspectral29x’, ‘/gallery/hanselgretel/hanselgretelspectral30x’, ‘/gallery/hanselgretel/hanselgretelspectral31x’, ‘/gallery/hanselgretel/hanselgretelspectral32x’, ‘/gallery/hanselgretel/hanselgretelspectral33x’, ‘/gallery/hanselgretel/hanselgretelspectral34x’, ‘/gallery/hanselgretel/hanselgretelspectral35x’,… Continue Reading