Deep Hurting Returns as Netflix Unveils a Trailer and Premiere Date for Mystery Science Theater 3000

Long before everyone could live snark a movie on social media or ruin a retrospective screening with snickering and running commentary, there was “Mystery Science Theater 3000.” Following the most successful Kickstarter campaign ever and thanks to the magic of… Continue Reading

Producer’s Preview Goes Inside Supernatural Episode 10.21 – Dark Dynasty

We get that Sam’s desperate and needs all the help he can get, yadda yadda, but longtime “Supernatural” fans are no doubt as anxious as we are for this season’s interminable Mark of Cain storyline to wrap up already.  Here’s… Continue Reading

Charlie Returns in this Clip from Supernatural Episode 10.21 – Dark Dynasty

With only one chance left to save Dean, can Charlie decipher the codex? In this new clip from Wednesday night’s Episode 10.21, “Dark Dynasty,” we get a sneak peek of what’s ahead.  Check it out, and expect more soon! “Supernatural”… Continue Reading

Take a Peek Inside Supernatural Episode 10.18 – Book of the Damned

The 10th season of “Supernatural” has been somewhat disappointing to this longtime fan of the show, but here’s hoping a visit from regular guest star Felicia Day can inject a bit of energy into the proceedings.  Here’s an inside look… Continue Reading

Decode this Sneak Peek of Supernatural Episode 10.18 – Book of the Damned

The last time Felicia Day was on “Supernatural,” she got a bit battered and bruised, but she’s still loyal to the Winchesters and returns in this Wednesday’s Episode 10.18, “Book of the Damned.” Here’s a clip from the ep, in… Continue Reading

The Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun Sinks His Teeth into Animated Chew Adaptation

Source Name: The Hollywood Reporter Source Url: Post Thumb: /apr14/chew-s.jpg On “The Walking Dead” Steven Yeun is constantly trying to avoid being chewed up by hungry walkers. Now he’s taking a little break from the action and doing a… Continue Reading

Get a Sneak Peek of the Winchesters’ Supernatural Slumber Party

Post Thumb: /oct13/supernatural9thumb.jpg This new clip from “Supernatural” Episode 9.04, “Slumber Party,” reminds us that some mistakes never go away. Can they maybe at least give us the weekend off? “Supernatural” Episode 9.04 – “Slumber Party” (airs 10/29/13, 9-10pm) FELICIA… Continue Reading

See a Quick Promo for Supernatural Episode 9.04 – Slumber Party

Post Thumb: /oct13/supernatural9thumb.jpg Pack up your PJ’s and a toothbrush because next week the Winchesters are hosting a “Slumber Party,” and we’re all invited! Here’s a quick preview of what’s in store for us in Episode 9.04. “Supernatural” Episode 9.04… Continue Reading

Image Gallery for Supernatural Episode 9.04 – Slumber Party

Post Thumb: /oct13/supernatural9thumb.jpg Gallery Image: ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn904_1x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn904_2x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn904_3x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn904_4x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn904_5x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn904_6x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn904_7x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn904_8x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn904_9x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn904_10x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn904_11x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn904_12x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn904_13x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn904_14x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn904_15x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn904_16x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn904_17x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn904_18x’ With next week being Halloween, all our favorite genre TV shows are getting in the spirit. On… Continue Reading

Blinky Says Watch this Clip from Supernatural Episode 8.20 – Pac-Man Fever

Post Thumb: /stock/superthumb.jpg “Supernatural” is on hiatus for one more week, but when it returns, all roads lead to Sam tackling the third trial. He does get a little reprieve, however, in Episode 8.20, “Pac-Man Fever,” which sees the return… Continue Reading

Chill Out with an Image Gallery from Supernatural Episode 8.20 – Pac-Man Fever

Post Thumb: /stock/superthumb.jpg Gallery Image: ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn820_2x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn820_1x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn820_3x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn820_4x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn820_5x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn820_6x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn820_7x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn820_8x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn820_9x’, ‘/gallery/supernatural/spn820_10x’ We still have a week and a half to wait for the return of “Supernatural” with Episode 8.20, “Pac-Man Fever,” but in the meantime you… Continue Reading

Felicia Day Returns in Supernatural Episode 8.20 – Pac-Man Fever; See the Synopsis and Preview!

Post Thumb: /stock/superthumb.jpg It’s spring break time on The CW with the next episode of “Supernatural” not arriving until April 24th. But since it features the return of Felicia Day, we’re happy to wait for “Pac-Man Fever”! “Supernatural” Episode 8.20… Continue Reading

Felicia Day Returning to Supernatural Season 8

Source Name: TVLine Source Url: Post Thumb: /stock/superthumb.jpg Seeing Felicia Day again earlier this season on “Supernatural” was a real treat – and obviously the show’s powers-that-be agree as she’ll be returning a bit later this year. Per TVLine,… Continue Reading