Essential Halloween Viewing – Halloween III: Season of the Witch

Halloween III: Season of the Witch. The night no one comes home. Right away at the mere mention of the so-called bastard child of the Halloween franchise, I’m fairly certain some of you despise me already for even suggesting this… Continue Reading

Top 8 Most Worthy Horror Franchise Third Installments

Besides bloods, boobs, and beasts, if there’s another thing the horror genre is infamous for, it’s sequels. Once box-office gold is struck with one film, producers have a tendency to milk that golden calf dry, churning out more and more,… Continue Reading

31 Days of October Madness – Part 1

Return of the Living Dead

Like most of you, nothing puts me in the Halloween spirit like spending each of my October nights with a good horror movie in a dark room, be it in my home or local movie theater, and enjoying some ghastly… Continue Reading