There Is No End to this Promo for the Intruders Season Finale Episode 1.08

BBC America's Intruders

The synopsis for the Season 1 finale of BBC America’s “Intruders” promises discovery, a fatality, and an unlikely partnership. Read on for the details of Episode 1.08, “There Is No End,” plus the ep’s official trailer. “Intruders,” from writer/exec producer… Continue Reading

Dance with the Dammerzustand in Part 4 of Grimm Web Series – Meltdown

Post Thumb: /may12/grimmlogo.jpg With Season 3 of “Grimm” set to kick off TONIGHT, the finale of the show’s web series tie-in “Meltdown” is here. Watch as Hank arrives to rescue Bud and Sergeant Wu, but the trio get more than… Continue Reading

It’s Sargent Wu to the Rescue in Part 3 of Grimm Web Series – Meltdown

Post Thumb: /may12/grimmlogo.jpg The “Grimm” web series “Meltdown” features lovable Eisbiber Bud (Danny Bruno) battling the undead, and today we bring you Part 3 of the series, entitled “Tight Squeeze,” in which Sergeant Wu (Reggie Lee) comes to Bud’s rescue,… Continue Reading

Grimm Cast Members Talk What’s Ahead in Season 3

Post Thumb: /may12/grimmlogo.jpg We’re inching ever closer to the return of “Grimm” to NBC with Episode 3.01, “The Ungrateful Dead,” and to help fill the time, we have some new video interviews with the cast, including a zombified David Giuntoli!… Continue Reading

Bud’s Battle Continues in Part 2 of Grimm Web Series – Meltdown

Post Thumb: /may12/grimmlogo.jpg Earlier today we shared Part 1 of the new “Grimm” web series “Meltdown,” featuring lovable Eisbiber Bud (Danny Bruno), and now we’re back with Part 2! As an extra bonus we also have the synopsis for the… Continue Reading

Check Out Part 1 of the New Grimm Web Series – Meltdown

Post Thumb: /may12/grimmlogo.jpg We’re just two short weeks away from the Season 3 premiere of “Grimm,” and to help fill the time, we have Part 1 of the new web series “Meltdown,” in which Bud (Danny Bruno) is tormented by… Continue Reading

Fringe’s John Noble Rides Into Sleepy Hollow

Source Name: Deadline Source Url: Post Thumb: /aug13/sleepy-hollow-s.jpg The new series “Sleepy Hollow” premiered this past Monday night to huge numbers on Fox, 10 million viewers witnessing what I personally found to be an incredibly fun debut. And it’s… Continue Reading

Preview and Images from Grimm Season Finale Episode 2.22 – Goodnight, Sweet Grimm

Post Thumb: /may12/grimmlogo.jpg Gallery Image: ‘/gallery/grimm/grimm22210x’, ‘/gallery/grimm/grimm2222x’, ‘/gallery/grimm/grimm2223x’, ‘/gallery/grimm/grimm2224x’, ‘/gallery/grimm/grimm2225x’, ‘/gallery/grimm/grimm2226x’, ‘/gallery/grimm/grimm2227x’, ‘/gallery/grimm/grimm2228x’, ‘/gallery/grimm/grimm2229x’, ‘/gallery/grimm/grimm2221x’ Week in and week out, “Grimm” delivers a good time – and some pretty cool creatures – so we’re sad to see its second season… Continue Reading

Feeling Sleepy? Rouse Yourself with a Sneak Peek of Grimm Episode 2.21 – The Waking Dead!

Post Thumb: /may12/grimmlogo.jpg We were pretty happy to hear NBC is moving “Grimm” back to Friday nights in the fall, and to celebrate, here’s a clip from tomorrow night’s Episode 2.21, “The Waking Dead.” Episode 2.21 – “The Waking Dead”… Continue Reading

Image Gallery for Grimm Episode 2.21 – The Waking Dead

Post Thumb: /may12/grimmlogo.jpg Gallery Image: ‘/gallery/grimm/grimm2211x’, ‘/gallery/grimm/grimm2212x’, ‘/gallery/grimm/grimm2213x’, ‘/gallery/grimm/grimm2214x’, ‘/gallery/grimm/grimm2215x’, ‘/gallery/grimm/grimm2216x’, ‘/gallery/grimm/grimm2217x’ Sometimes you do get what you ask for! Just yesterday we were complaining that NBC hadn’t released any images yet from “Grimm” Episode 2.21, “The Waking Dead,” and… Continue Reading