Make a Date with Nurse 3D and Dig on this Poster

Source Name: Hitfix Source Url: Post Thumb: /jul11/nursethumb.jpg Our buddies over at Hitfix have scored themselves the poster premiere along with release info for the much talked about Nurse 3D starring Paz De La Huerta. Time to make an… Continue Reading

Spooky Exclusive Clip From The Asylum’s First Theatrical Release #HoldYourBreath

Post Thumb: /aug12/hybs.jpg Tomorrow is the big day, kids! That’s right, on October 5th The Asylum’s first theatrical release #HoldYourBreath makes it into theatres and we have got an exclusive clip for you right here. Check it out and look… Continue Reading

You Won’t Need to #HoldYourBreath Any Longer to See the Trailer for The Asylum’s First Theatrical Release

Post Thumb: /aug12/hybs.jpg With its October 5th theatrical date just a few weeks away, The Asylum has finally exhaled the trailer for #HoldYourBreath, its first foray into big screen moviemaking, starring Katrina Bowden of Tucker & Dale vs. Evil… …and… Continue Reading

The Asylum’s #HoldYourBreath Slated For Theatrical Release

Post Thumb: /studios/asylum.jpg I absolutely love this story! We’ve told you about The Asylum’s #HoldYourBreath (formerly Don’t Hold Your Breath) in the past, and now it seems like the fine purveyors of mockbuster cinema have gone and done it: They’re… Continue Reading

Piranha 3DD Begins Feeding on Blu-ray and DVD This September

Post Thumb: /aug11/p3dds.jpg If you’ve been looking forward to Piranha 3DD but missed its theatrical and VOD window, do not fret. The flick’s about to swim on home to your home theatre system where you’ll be able to judge for… Continue Reading

Which Celebrities Didn’t Make the Cut in Piranha 3DD?

Source Name: MovieHole Source Url: Post Thumb: /aug11/p3dds.jpg Today’s the day that