Stoner Horror Comedy Halloweed Lighting Up DVD in November

With its mix of murder, mystery, and marijuana, horror comedy Halloweed looks to be just what Dr. Feelgood ordered for the Halloween season. It contains appearances by genre faves Ray Wise, Danny Trejo, Tom Sizemore, and yes, even Jason Mewes.… Continue Reading

Exclusive First Look: Rift Trailer, Photos, News and L.A. Premiere Info!

Post Thumb: /apr11/rifts.jpg Gallery Image: ‘/apr11/rift6’, ‘/apr11/rift1’, ‘/apr11/rift2’, ‘/apr11/rift3’, ‘/apr11/rift4’, ‘/apr11/rift5’, ‘/apr11/rift7’, As witnessed by producer, writer and director LazRael Lison’s feature slasher, Rift, which premieres in Los Angeles on April 28th, Ghostface hasn’t quite yet cornered the market on… Continue Reading