The Overlook Film Festival Reveals Full 2017 Lineup

The Overlook Film Festival, which takes place in the Timberline Lodge (the location that was used as the Overlook Hotel in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining), has revealed the full program for its 2017 event. Running over four days (April 27th-30th)… Continue Reading

Horror Snubbed at the Oscars; William Shatner Asleep in the Audience; Jennifer Lawrence Falls; Meryl Streep Picks Wedgie!

Post Thumb: /jan12/oscarthumb.jpg And the Oscar gold goes to… everything but the few genre films which were nominated at the 2013 Academy Awards. Overall the entire show was a snooze, and we mean that literally! See that for yourself and… Continue Reading

2013 Saturn Award Nominees Announced

Source Name: Saturn Awards Source Url: Post Thumb: /jul12/saturnawards.jpg This Sunday is Oscar day, but for genre fans it’s The Saturn Awards that really matter, and we have the full list of this year’s nominees. Although we have to… Continue Reading

Just a Smattering of Horror Films Included in the 2013 Oscar Nominees

Source Name: The 85th Academy Awards Source Url: Post Thumb: /jan12/oscarthumb.jpg Per usual, we didn’t see many horror films listed among this year’s nominees for an Academy Award, but here’s the lowdown on those that did make the cut.… Continue Reading

No Day Off for Exorcists! The Possession Dominates the Labor Day Weekend Box Office!

Source Name: Box Office Mojo Source Url: Post Thumb: /stock/boxoffice.jpg Remember last weekend when I speculated that the box office failure of horror movies released in August/September 2011 might be repeating itself this year? Never mind. Turns out it… Continue Reading

How Much ParaNorman Activity Was there at this Weekend’s Box Office?

Source Name: Deadline Source Url: Post Thumb: /stock/boxoffice.jpg It may be an animated movie, but ParaNorman was the first horror-flavored movie offering on the big screen in a couple of weeks. Despite solid reviews, the family flick about a… Continue Reading

ParaNorman – Huckleberry Encourages You to Play with the Dead

Source Name: Huckleberry Toys Source Url: Post Thumb: /oct11/paranormans.jpg Gallery Image: ‘/gallery/paranorman/paranormantoys1x’, ‘/gallery/paranorman/paranormantoys2x’, ‘/gallery/paranorman/paranormantoys3x’, ‘/gallery/paranorman/paranormantoys4x’, ‘/gallery/paranorman/paranormantoys5x’, ‘/gallery/paranorman/paranormantoys6x’, ‘/gallery/paranorman/paranormantoys7x’, ‘/gallery/paranorman/paranormantoys8x’ The dead are people, too, and they love to play! Huckleberry Toys knows this also and has unveiled its official… Continue Reading

Exclusive: More on ParaNorman with Co-Directors Chris Butler and Sam Fell

Post Thumb: /oct11/paranormans.jpg Gallery Image: ‘/gallery/paranorman/paranormanb1x’, ‘/gallery/paranorman/paranormanb2x’, ‘/gallery/paranorman/paranormanb3x’, ‘/gallery/paranorman/paranormanb4x’, ‘/gallery/paranorman/paranormanb5x’, ‘/gallery/paranorman/paranormanb6x’, ‘/gallery/paranorman/paranormanb7x’ A few weeks ago Dread Central caught up with ParaNorman‘s directing duo of Chris Butler and Sam Fell during the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con, where we heard a… Continue Reading

Laika CEO & ParaNorman Producer Travis Knight Talks the Rebirth of Modern Stop-Motion Animation and More

Post Thumb: /oct11/paranormans.jpg In 2009 Laika established itself as one of the premier up-and-coming animation studios by releasing the sublimely dark fairy tale Coraline, based on the classic Neil Gaiman story of the same name. This weekend Laika is set… Continue Reading