Scream Factory Announces Alien Writer’s The Resurrected Collector’s Edition

Scream Factory has just announced that they will be releasing The Resurrected for the first time ever on Blu-ray on September 12th. Written and directed by Dan O’Bannon (Alien, Aliens, Return of the Living Dead, Heavy Metal), the 1991 film… Continue Reading

Exclusive: Jimmy Urine Shares His Top 10 Horror Movie Soundtracks

We’re back with the second of three Jimmy Urine exclusives! That’s right, last week we premiered “Salome” from The Cinematic Sounds of Jimmy Urine and today we’re bringing you a list of his Top 10 Horror Movie Soundtracks! Just like… Continue Reading

Blood & Gourd #2: Escape from Henderson Farms (Comic)

Written by Jenz K. Lund & D.H. Shultis Illustrated by Juanan Ramirez Published By Dead Peasant Comics Available from Blood & Gourd Autumn is here. The leaves have fallen and left trees skeletal, the days waning as the night closes in, there’s a… Continue Reading

Rights to Two Return of the Living Dead Sequels Being Sold on eBay

Some sequels are so bad that fans don’t even care to acknowledge them, and the latter two installments in the Return of the Living Dead franchise fit that bill. Shot back-to-back, Necropolis and Rave to the Grave premiered on Syfy… Continue Reading

10 Awesome Original Songs Written for Horror Movies

Music has proven itself to be an integral part of our favorite horror films, to the point that iconic scores like Halloween and Psycho are as important to the enduring popularity of those classics as the stories and characters themselves.… Continue Reading

31 Days of October Madness – Part 1

Return of the Living Dead

Like most of you, nothing puts me in the Halloween spirit like spending each of my October nights with a good horror movie in a dark room, be it in my home or local movie theater, and enjoying some ghastly… Continue Reading