Adam Green Hosting Free Hatchet Screening in Los Angeles


We wrote back in early July that Adam Green would be taking a new, never-before-seen cut of Hatchet on the road to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Now, Green has announced that he’s hosting a free event in Los Angeles a… Continue Reading

Connecticut Residents, Meet the New Leatherface, Dan Yeager, on Sunday, January 27

Post Thumb: /aug12/newtcms.jpg If you dug the new Texas Chainsaw 3D film, or even if you didn’t and just like meeting horror celebrities, we’ve got some news for you. Dan Yeager, the man behind the newest reimagining of Leatherface, will… Continue Reading

Lionsgate Will Be Keeping Texas Chainsaw Revving

Source Name: Bloody Disgusting Source Url: Post Thumb: /aug12/newtcms.jpg Things are looking really good for Leatherface and the Sawyer clan! While we’re waiting for the official box office tally to come in, news has hit the net that if… Continue Reading

Texas Chainsaw 3D – Leatherface King of the Friday Box Office

Source Name: Variety Source Url: Post Thumb: /aug12/newtcms.jpg Not sure why this makes us so happy, given the fact that the movie is blissfully bad and inept, but dammit, it does! Texas Chainsaw 3D cut down the box office… Continue Reading

Texas Chainsaw 3D (2012)


Cover art: reviews/tcm3ds.jpg Starring Alexandra Daddario, Dan Yeager, Tremaine “Trey Songz” Neverson, Keram Malicki-Sánchez, Scott Eastwood, Tania Raymonde Directed by John Luessenhop Texas Chainsaw 3D is the first installment in a major horror franchise to reclaim itself from the Hollywood… Continue Reading

The Verdict Is In! Read Our Texas Chainsaw 3D Review!

Post Thumb: /aug12/newtcms.jpg Zero hour is upon us. Leatherface is once again stalking your local cinema in all three dimensions. Read on to find out if this Texas Chainsaw massacre is full of tasty grue or just another bloody mess.… Continue Reading

Texas Chainsaw – Video Soundbites and Exclusive Look at the Special 3D Glasses Given out for Tonight’s Screenings Only!

Post Thumb: /aug12/newtcms.jpg Going to one of the special 10:00 pm or 12:00 midnight screenings of Texas Chainsaw 3D tonight? If the answer is an emphatic yes, then you’ll be getting yourself a pair of commemorative 3D glasses to mark… Continue Reading

Exclusive: Director John Luessenhop Talks Leatherface’s Legacy and More for Texas Chainsaw 3D

Post Thumb: /aug12/newtcms.jpg In Texas Chainsaw 3D filmmaker John Luessenhop is picking up directly where Tobe Hooper left off almost 40 years ago with a sequel that follows the ramifications of what happened right after Sally Hardesty (Marilyn Burns) survived… Continue Reading

Exclusive: Leatherface Talks! Dread Central Chats with Dan Yeager for Texas Chainsaw 3D

Post Thumb: /aug12/newtcms.jpg This Friday, January 4th, Texas Chainsaw 3D is set to tear apart audiences everywhere courtesy of Lionsgate. The direct sequel to Tobe Hooper’s original 1974 classic reunites many franchise vets and newcomers, including the newest chainsaw-wielding maniac… Continue Reading

Yet More Texas Chainsaw 3D Imagery: Leatherface Visits a Local Carnival!

Source Name: Entertainment Weekly Source Url: Post Thumb: /aug12/newtcms.jpg Opening this Friday is Texas Chainsaw 3D, and Entertainment Weekly has scored two new images of the big bad himself as he prepares to stalk the local carnival. Check them… Continue Reading

Exclusive: Co-Star Scott Eastwood Talks Texas Chainsaw 3D

Post Thumb: /aug12/newtcms.jpg For the second installment in our Texas Chainsaw 3D interview series, Dread Central briefly chatted with one of the film’s co-stars and newcomer to the genre world, Scott Eastwood. An up-and-coming actor who recently appeared in Trouble… Continue Reading

Exclusive Interview: Tania Raymonde on Being the Slutty Girl and More for Texas Chainsaw 3D

Post Thumb: /aug12/newtcms.jpg This Friday, January 4th, Lionsgate is unleashing the Texas Chainsaw 3D in theaters everywhere, and to get you fiends ready, we’re bringing you an entire series of exclusive interviews with the cast and director John Luessenhop all… Continue Reading

Four More Stills from Texas Chainsaw 3D

Source Name: Fangoria Source Url: Post Thumb: /aug12/newtcms.jpg The new issue of Fangoria is home to a look at the upcoming Texas Chainsaw 3D, and it features several stills, four of which are new. Check out all the goodies… Continue Reading

Grandpa and Drayton Sawyer Front and Center of New Texas Chainsaw 3D Stills

Post Thumb: /aug12/newtcms.jpg Two new stills from Texas Chainsaw 3D are here: one behind-the-scenes peek and one we’ve seen before (only a lot smaller) featuring Bill Moseley as everyone’s favorite cook and John Dugan reprising his role as Grandpa Sawyer.… Continue Reading