#Brainwaves Episode 44: Terry Castle on William Castle and the Curse of Rosemary’s Baby LISTEN NOW

Terry Castle Brainwaves

The latest episode of Brainwaves: Horror and Paranormal Talk Radio was one for the books, kids! Joining us was Terry Castle, daughter of the great William Castle, whose movies like The Tingler, The House on Haunted Hill, 13 Ghosts, Mr.… Continue Reading

8 of the Best Religious Horror Films to Check Out!

One thing that all fans of the horror genre can agree with is that there is a great selection of different sub-genres to choose from. To the casual movie viewer who doesn’t necessarily watch horror, though, they typically just see… Continue Reading

10 Playboy Playmates Who Starred in Horror Films

Playboy just announced that nude photo spreads will soon be excised from the pages of the magazine, beginning next year. Sexy photos have been the magazine’s bread and butter ever since its launch back in 1953, and the surprising news… Continue Reading

10 Horror Movies That Actually Won Academy Awards


It’s no secret that our beloved horror movies are often snubbed at the Academy Awards. The genre as a whole just doesn’t get all that much respect in the world of cinema, which is why it’s so important for us… Continue Reading

Five Reasons to Find Rosemary’s Baby On Demand and Watch It This Weekend

Post Thumb: /mar14/rosemarys-baby-poster-s.jpg NBC’s “Rosemary’s Baby” adaptation came and went with little fanfare and extremely weak ratings. We’ve yet to hear a single comment about it from any of our readers or amongst the DC staff. Having finally watched it… Continue Reading

Hooked on Rosemary’s Baby? See a Preview of Part 2!

Post Thumb: /mar14/rosemarys-baby-poster-s.jpg Did you tune in last night for Part 1 of NBC’s “Rosemary’s Baby”? Looking forward to Part 2, which airs on Thursday, May 15th? If so, here’s a preview of what’s coming up! The four-hour psychological thriller,… Continue Reading