This Pair of Clips Will Get You Ready for Grimm Episode 3.16 – The Show Must Go On

Post Thumb: /may12/grimmlogo.jpg Looking forward to checking out the Wesen carnival at the center of tonight’s Episode 3.16 of “Grimm,” entitled “The Show Must Go On”? Then first watch this pair of clips in which (a) Monroe and Rosalee explain… Continue Reading

Aidan and Sally Really Connect in this Sneak Peek of Being Human Episode 4.11 – Ramona the Pest

Post Thumb: /dec13/beinghumanthumb.jpg We’re still not sure how Aidan is supposed to remember something that only happened in Sally’s head, but we’re rooting for our “Being Human” lovebirds. Check out a sneak peek of Episode 4.11, “Ramona the Pest,” in… Continue Reading

Monroe Joins a Wesen Carnival in these Stills from Grimm Episode 3.16 – The Show Must Go On

Post Thumb: /may12/grimmlogo.jpg Not only does “Being Human’s” Sam Witwer guest star, but it also looks like “Grimm” semi-regular Alexis Denisof finally gets something to do in next week’s Episode 3.16, “The Show Must Go On.” Here are several stills… Continue Reading

Aidan and Sally Take on the Wolves in this Sneak Peek of Being Human Episode 4.10 – Oh Don’t You Die for Me

Post Thumb: /dec13/beinghumanthumb.jpg Did everyone enjoy the alternate universe “Being Human” visited these past few weeks? Thankfully things are back to “normal” (whatever that means!) in Episode 4.10, “Oh Don’t You Die for Me,” and here’s a sneak peek. Just… Continue Reading

Official Synopsis Arrives for Grimm Episode 3.16 with Guest Star Sam Witwer – The Show Must Go On

Post Thumb: /may12/grimmlogo.jpg Back in late January we got word that “Being Human’s” Sam Witwer is guest starring on “Grimm” this season, and now we have the full synopsis of the episode in which he’ll appear, #3.16, entitled “The Show… Continue Reading

Sam Witwer Talks Being Human’s Cancellation, Budget Woes, Resurrection Possibilities, and More

Source Name: DweebCast Source Url:–dweebcast–oratv-0_4r1wbfq31v6r Post Thumb: /dec13/beinghumanthumb.jpg We learned a few weeks ago that Season 4 of “Being Human” would be its last, but its cast and crew have known for quite some time… and even asked for… Continue Reading