Top 10 Horror Movies for Parents to Introduce to Their Kids

Generic Scared Kid

Ghosts, vampires, demons, witches, possessed dolls, and little green monsters are among the immense amount of terrifying entities to grace motion pictures. Eventually children come across frightening cinematic experiences, and how parents handle each case will vary, depending upon a… Continue Reading

10 Planned Horror Remakes That Never Happened

For many horror fans, the word “remake” tends to send chills up the spine more than ghosts, goblins and gore ever could. Intense hatred of remakes is common among the genre community, as an influx of them in the past… Continue Reading

Freaky Short Film The Gate Finds Writer; Goes Feature Length

Source Name: The Hollywood Reporter Source Url: Post Thumb: /jun12/gates.jpg If you haven’t seen Matt Westrup’s short film The Gate, you truly have been missing out. Don’t worry, though; we’ll fix that situation right now and, in addition to… Continue Reading

DVD Releases: October 6, 2009: Trick ‘r Treat with The Children in a Dark Country

We have a bumper crop of DVD and Blu-ray releases this week what with Trick ‘r Treat FINALLY coming home along with Ghost House Pictures’ four-pack of The Thaw, Offspring, Seventh Moon, and The Children. And that’s just the beginning!… Continue Reading