Exclusive: Master of Horror Joe Dante Talks The Hole, Gremlins 3 and More

Post Thumb: /jun12/holeqs.jpg After a long three-year wait, fans will finally get to check out Joe Dante’s latest family-friendly fright flick, The Hole, when it arrives in theaters on September 28th and will also be available on iTunes on October… Continue Reading

Clarification of Release Plans for Joe Dante’s The Hole; Huge Image Gallery Now Open

Post Thumb: /jun12/holeqs.jpg Gallery Image: ‘/gallery/thehole/thehole1x’, ‘/gallery/thehole/thehole2x’, ‘/gallery/thehole/thehole3x’, ‘/gallery/thehole/thehole4x’, ‘/gallery/thehole/thehole5x’, ‘/gallery/thehole/thehole6x’, ‘/gallery/thehole/thehole7x’, ‘/gallery/thehole/thehole8x’, ‘/gallery/thehole/thehole9x’, ‘/gallery/thehole/thehole10x’, ‘/gallery/thehole/thehole11x’, ‘/gallery/thehole/thehole12x’, ‘/gallery/thehole/thehole13x’, ‘/gallery/thehole/thehole14x’, ‘/gallery/thehole/thehole15x’, ‘/gallery/thehole/thehole16x’, ‘/gallery/thehole/thehole17x’, ‘/gallery/thehole/thehole18x’, ‘/gallery/thehole/thehole19x’, ‘/gallery/thehole/thehole20x’, ‘/gallery/thehole/thehole21x’, ‘/gallery/thehole/thehole22x’, ‘/gallery/thehole/thehole23x’, ‘/gallery/thehole/thehole24x’ Last weekend we got some release info on The Hole that… Continue Reading

Dig Deep Into a New Theatrical Trailer for Joe Dante’s The Hole

Source Name: Yahoo! Movies Source Url: http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/the-hole-2/trailers/ Post Thumb: /jun12/holeqs.jpg Last we heard, Joe Dante’s looooong awaited The Hole was getting a Blu-ray/DVD release on September 25th, and now, according to Yahoo, it’s also hitting theatres on September 28th. We’ll… Continue Reading