30 Years of Garbage: The Garbage Pail Kids Story Gets Theatrical and Home Video Release Dates

Back in November of 2014, we wrote about 30 Years of Garbage: The Garbage Pail Kids Story, the documentary that delved into the world of the grotesque yet gleefully macabre Topps trading cards. It’s been a long ride but the… Continue Reading

Did You Know There Was Almost an Aliens-Inspired Children’s Cartoon Show?

The conversion of adult-themed properties into children’s cartoons is not unheard of. Anyone who’s read the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics knows that they were pretty damn violent. Ghostbusters, which may be beloved by kids the world over, is… Continue Reading

The Walking Dead Unveils Special Edition Digital Topps Trading Cards Featuring NFL Players Turned Walkers

Just in time for Sunday’s Super Bowl, AMC’s “The Walking Dead” has released a special edition digital card set featuring “zombified” professional football players from the Atlanta Falcons, New England Patriots, and more. Greg Nicotero, executive producer, director, and special… Continue Reading

Topps Joins Forces with AMC’s The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead for New Trading Cards

If you’re a fan of “The Walking Dead/Fear the Walking Dead” on AMC and also like to collect trading cards, this story about a new partnership between those shows and Topps is for you!  Some of the cards will include… Continue Reading